How The Toucan Diet Differs From The Parrot Diet

Anybody who looks seriously into their parrot’s diet, walks away shaking thier heads. Parrot nutrition is a very complex science and we are still learning new things everyday. There are sites online that deal only with parrot diet and nutrition and, more recently, there are pages dedicated solely to a holistic approach to the diet. But on the whole, we are still...

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The 6 Components of a Healthy Parrot Diet

Military Macaw

Of all of the things you thoughtfully do for your parrot, your first consideration must be for its diet.  I can’t stress this enough.  Without well balanced nutrition, a parrot’s general health will gradually decline, vitamin deficiencies will leave it susceptible to illness and disease and its life span will be decreased.  An unhealthy parrot is temperamental and may not want to be a part of family activities. If your parrot doesn’t feel well and energized, no amount of love, enrichment or interaction will do him much good.  A ...

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