Different Types of Evacuation Plans for Parrots

lorikeet in gutter

This Rainbow Lorikeet is bathing in rainwater that it has found in a gutter.


It is supposed to be spring here but someone forgot to tell the weather that. Australia is dealing with soaring temperatures and in most locations a heatwave. My television just announced we have officially hit record-breaking temperatures here. It has never been this hot since they started recording weather patterns and as I type I’m aware we still haven’t reached the maximum temperature for the day. ...


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The Parrot First Aid Kit

Apparently, there was a law passed stating that when your bird needs medical attention, your vet must be closed. Probably for the weekend. Sure, there are all night emergency vet clinics available, but chances are there won’t be an avian vet. Bad enough that you have to bring your beloved parrot to a complete stranger in the worst of times, but he or she might not know an egg-binding from a fur ball. Still, accidents can and do happen. It is a very wise idea to have a parrot first aid/evacuation kit always on hand to treat the minor problems, ...

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