When A Bird’s Weight Goes Up


My galah Morgy enjoying a carrot. Does this bird look like she is dying to you?


We often talk about the importance of monitoring your bird’s weight and how you need to get it to a vet fast if you have a significant weight drop. We often don’t think of a weight increase as being equally as significant and alarming. We tend to think of a weight increase as being diet related, or basically an indication that the bird is too fat. There ...


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Looking At Average Bird Weights And Body Condition Of Birds

Dori and Lori

My Rainbow Lorikeets. Dori is on the left, Lori is on the right. Almost identical they can be hard to tell apart if you don't know them.


The textbook average weight for a Rainbow Lorikeet is approximately 130 grams and they don’t tend to fluctuate much more than 5 grams away from their personal average weight unless there is something wrong. So if I were to tell you that my Rainbow Lorikeet “Lori” weighs 120 grams, would you ...


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How Companion Parrots Become Obese

Obese blue fronted amazon, Storm, carrying about 30% more than his species' average weight

Companion parrots experience both advantage and disadvantage with the humans in their lives. To their advantage is the human who loves them and provides them with all their needs – feeds them the healthiest diet, offers enrichment and vet care as needed.

To their disadvantage is the human who loves them and provides them with all their wants – rushes to release them when they insist on coming out of the cage, makes excuses for unwanted behaviors ...

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