How To Get Your Bird Past A Fear Of Objects: A Step By Step Guide

 Back some years ago after Linus first came to live with me it took me a while to get to know his likes and dislikes. I did a lot of experimenting with different toy types to determine what he liked to play with most. There were good choices and bad at first. Mostly, bad choices were toys that he was disinterested in, but there was one toy that he showed a genuine ...

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My Bird Is Afraid Of Water!

Blue fronted amazon

Q: My neighbor gave me a 4 year old cockatiel a couple of weeks ago. She couldn’t keep him and knew that I have a cockatiel that I adore. Before I took Luca home with me, I asked a lot of questions about his favorite foods and toys and tried to get as much information about him as I could. I found out that he has never had a bath because he is afraid of water. I didn’t believe her when she told me this because my bird ...


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Deciphering Your Parrot’s Calls

Congo African Grey Parrot


Have you ever just sat and listened to your bird’s calls and tried to figure out what they mean?  Just like babies have different cries meaning: I’m hungry/wet/tired/angry, your bird has a different meaning and a different sound to each of his vocalization.
We all know the shrill, panicked sound of the alarm call.  Often meaning that there’s a fly in the cage or Alex, the evil pool guy, is in the back yard again waving around that net thingy on the the long stick.  ...

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