The Second Biggest Mistake We Make With Our Birds

Congo african grey

A while back I wrote an article about the biggest mistake we make with our birds. This article is about our second biggest mistake…

This is a mistake that we make with the best of intentions. It can sideline our plans for our birds, cause us to lose their trust and cause them to lose their willingness to expand their horizons.

It is – impatience.

We live in a results oriented ...


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Overcoming a Parrot’s Fear of Something New


The new bird stand that my flock got for Christmas


So I bought the world’s coolest parrot stand as a Christmas gift for my birds. I’d been looking for something like it for a long time. It’s a one-off find; there will never be another exactly like it again. It’s natural wood, well weathered with lots of nooks and crannies to hide things in. There are several places at different heights for birds to sit and it’s on wheels. There are plenty of bits ...


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Is Your Bird Mean? Maybe It’s Just Afraid!

Congo african grey

“My bird hates me!”

“My bird refuses to listen!”

“My bird is a hopeless case!”

We hear it all the time, but none of these statements are actually true.

It’s fair to say that everyone who gets a parrot has the hopes that theirs will be a playful and interactive member of the family. Many people are disappointed to find that isn’t the bird that they got.

In actuality, EVERY bird is the one you hoped for. Birds are very social by nature – in the wild they choose to live in communal ...


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Strategies For A Terror Free 4th Of July

The 4th of July is a holiday that most people eagerly anticipate. It is all about barbecues, outdoor activities and family fun. When the sun sets, out come the explosives. The night sky is filled with gunpowder blasts and flashes of bright light. The formerly peaceful world has become a war-zone and our pets are not amused.

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Is the "BITE" Part of Bird Ownership?

Blue and Gold Macaws

Q:  I have a 2 year old blue and gold macaw that is very sweet and has never bitten me.  I heard recently that at some point my bird will bite me.  Is this true?

-Mary, Springfield, IL

A:  This is a great question and an important topic for new bird owners.  Unfortunately, the answer to your question is most likely ‘yes”.  Parrots may bite for a number of different reasons ranging from fright to fear to aggression, with a host of different possibilities in between.  What is more ...

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Setting Clear Expectations For Your Parrot

Establishing boundaries for your young parrot, one that has yet to reach sexual maturity, is an important first step in laying the groundwork for a happy and healthy co-existence between parrots and people. By setting and adhering to rules consistently, you are ensuring that your older parrot (who otherwise might have become more assertive of his wants) will cooperate with your requests in pleasant and acceptable ways.

Rescues are packed to the brim with unwanted parrots. Many of them have been determined to be a “problem” later in life when owners...

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