The PERFECT Parrot Owner

Blue fronted amazon

Years ago, when I started working for, I made my mind up that I would focus on certain areas where the need for information was the most evident. Through reading comments on blog posts, Facebook and through emails it became clear what was getting through and what wasn’t.

A main topic to tackle was the parrot diet – how it affects every single aspect of a parrot’s life, current and future, and a ...


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Meet Parrot Rescue Assistant, Monique!

Monique and senegal Zaza

Monique and senegal Zaza

My journey started off rather dodgy to be honest, I have always loved animals. Big or small, cute and “ugly”, I just couldn’t get enough of them. However, I never had a particular interest in birds, they just never stood out to me. Sure they were beautiful, but they never seemed all that special.

So how did I end up here? Well, even though I knew nothing about them, I decided to get ...

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The Hardest Thing About “Owning” Birds…


The newest member of my flock – Charlie (Galah/Rosebreasted Cockatoo)

As I type this, the newest member of my flock, Charlie the galah is with his avian vet and I’m not sure that he’s coming home. I’m sitting next to my mobile phone waiting for news. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve checked to see if my phone is working. I know I charged it but maybe it has gone flat super fast? Nope. It’s working. It’s also too soon for the ...

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Why Do They Make It SO Hard To Adopt A Rescue Bird??


Photo by Anna Sloan - Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico

Photo by Anna Sloan – Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico

Recently there has been some discussion on our Facebook page about parrot rescue and there were several commenters complaining about the vetting process that potential guardians must undergo before they are considered suitable to adopt. Others complained about the fees involved.

I understood their points of view. Why is there a charge for birds that the ...

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Feather Damage?


Rosebreasted Cockatoo/Galah. This is Merlin, taken in Oct 2009. I had found him 2 months earlier, in shock and bleeding in a pet store due to a bad wing clip. I bought him and drove the shop crazy by reporting them and plying them with subsequent vet bills. (The shop couldn’t hit Merlin over the head with a brick to hide the evidence if I brought him home, could they?)

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My Feather Destructive Cockatoo


Goffin cockatoo, Theo

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning Theo’s cage and noticed one of a parrot owners most dreaded sights: the tattered remnants of feathers – evidence of feather destruction.

Whenever we discover feather destructive behaviors (FDB) in our birds it is heartbreaking, but this was a particularly distressing discovery for me given Theo’s background.

I took Theo in about 6 years ago from a home where she had lived for almost all of her life – she was 23 at the time. It was a good home and she ...


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