When Is The Right Time To…

…bathe your bird?
…get your bird to eat healthy foods?
…put your bird to bed for the night?

These are some questions that have come up recently, so I thought I would answer them in a single post.



During the winter months, I prefer to bathe my birds in the late morning or early afternoon since this is the warmest time of the day.  Once the weather has warmed up, I bathe my birds any time from early morning to late afternoon. I avoid bathing them in the evening time ...

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Obesity In Parrots

Congo African Grey Parrot

Veterinarians say that obesity is the most common health problem they see in companion parrots today.  Many experts say that owners tend to overfeed their birds, offer too many snacks, or are just poorly educated about nutrition.

Parrots suffer from the same ill effects from obesity as do humans. An obese parrot is predisposed to cancer. They are at risk for  atherosclerosis, where fatty substances are deposited on the walls of thick and hardened arteries, including the ones leading to the heart.  This can lead to collapse ...

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