Do All Of Your Birds Get Along?


Lori, one of my female Rainbow Lorikeets.


I’m finding this post hard to write. I messed up and got bit, a nasty evil little knick on my middle knuckle. I’m a bleeder. So think half a box of bandaids, which seems ridiculous for such a small cut. Ever tried to type with fingers that won’t bend due to bandaids? I’m giving autocorrect way to many chances to change the meaning of my sentences today.


I live with three lorikeets. Lori and Dori are two female ...


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Managing A Multiple Bird Household


Galahs/Rosebreasted Cockatoos Merlin and Nemo, frantically eating bits of food on the birdroom floor while I try to sweep…


I caved to MBS (multiple bird syndrome) a long time ago. When bird people find out how many parrots I have, they promptly ask how I find the time to manage so many? I have 9 permanent flock members here and 1 long term rehabilitation case. That makes 10 tame companion parrots vying for my attention daily and they’re not the only animals here.

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My Bird Hates Me When I Go Away!

Dear Birdtricks,

I got Lizzy (5 year old sun conure) when she was just a baby. We were inseparable for the first 4 years, but last year I got a new job that has me traveling several times a year. While I’m away, my husband and son take care of Lizzy for me. When I get back she treats me like a stranger – she won’t step up and sometimes bites me– I feel like she hates me! It takes weeks for me to win her back to being MY bird again. We go through this every time I go away. ...



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The One Person Bird

It apparent to me that one of the biggest problems in bird ownership is with the bird who is only bonded to a single individual in the house. I hear about it almost daily. Interestingly enough, many people don’t even see it as a problem, or as the origins of the problem they are currently...

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