Flight Training CLIPPED Birds: IT CAN BE DONE!

The fact that the last two of my Freestyle Flyer students trained birds that were clipped at the fledging age to be their outdoor flyers (and fantastic ones at that! Check out Tango and Sunshine, two blue and gold macaws that were both clipped during the fledging age who still learned to fly!) inspired me to express this message even further: CL...
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Freeflight Training Location Levels 1-5

In 2008 when we flew our first parrot outside, Dave created flight level terminology as a way that free flyers around the world could communicate clearly about their birds' skills and successfully get together with other flyers to fly together. If you knew what another flyer's skill levels were, you could find one with a match and fly together, ...
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Any Wild Bird Can Attack


Male Red Wattlebird with a beak full of insects. Notoriously territorial this one just swooped my pet dog and is about to get chased off by a raven.


It’s early spring in Australia. Deciduous trees are starting to turn green again, cherry trees are starting to blossom and cyclists are starting to look like they belong on a reality television program called “Aliens are here among us”. Or at least the smart cyclists do, the not-so-smart ones will be learning the hard way in ...


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Flying A Parrot On A Harness

Rosebreasted cockatoo

Hi. Dr. Killjoy here. We just concluded another fun photo contest here at Birdtricks – congratulations to the winners of Parrots On Harnesses! Your photos were amazing.

I didn’t want to bring this up in the middle of the contest because I didn’t want to kill the mood. Since the photos being submitted were of events of the past, I felt this post could wait until the contest was over.

However, it is an issue which needs addressing: flying your bird on a harness is dangerous. There is no way around ...


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