Are Scentsy Products Safe To Use Around Birds?

Wax warmer photo from

This question comes up often and creates enough confusion that it merits a blog post.

When I am asked questions about the safety of a product, I get online and I research. I consider the opinions of all sources, both pro and con, and take what information they offer and further dissect it.

Because most of the products in question are on the market for human use, there is precious little out there that is directly relative to birds. This means looking hard at not only the ingredients ...

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Is The BirdTricks Natural Feeding Program For Everyone?

Rosebreasted Cockatoo/Galah (You can give them all the 'food' you want - they'll still destroy your office!!!!)


In the last couple of weeks my personal facebook messages and email inbox have gone nuts and I admit to having missed messages, notifications and yeah I’ve been kind of in my own world after the death of my dog so when I have replied I’m not overly sure how coherent I’ve been! Birdtricks followers have been particularly supportive of me lately ...


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