Tips To Help You Recover A Lost Bird

Wild Rainbow lorikeets checking out my female lorikeets.


It’s that fun time of year again (here in the Southern Hemisphere). You know the time I mean? The time when your visitors see your lorikeet doing a hormonal war dance on your ponytail and delightedly tell you how you should hold still because this is going to make the best YouTube video ever… Sometimes it’s hard to like Spring! It’s easy to see why people are desperately looking for ...


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4 Reasons To Socialize Your Bird

Blue and gold macaws with Chet

Just as it is our responsibility to feed our birds properly and keep them physically fit and mentally enriched, we must see that our birds are willing to interact with all people in a variety of different circumstances. There are several good reasons to keep your bird well socialized, here are four:

1) One of the most common complaints people have about their birds, and one that often lands them in a rescue, is that the bird is closely bonded with only one individual in the ...

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