Senegal Parrots

The sensational senegal parrot The senegal parrot is a lively and entertaining small parrot that quickly wins the hearts of humans that share their lives. As parrots go, they tend to be quiet (“quiet” being a relative term when discussing parrots) and the happy and content senegal parrot plays well independently making few demands on their owne...
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Does Your Bird Use Light to Communicate?

Otto's "I see a threat!!!!" pose.

When I took on Otto (my musk lorikeet), I was expecting major behavioural problems. He was a re-homing case, which is very different from a rescue. He came to me because he didn’t fit in with his family and their lifestyle. He had serious behavioural issues and was inflicting some pretty serious injuries on his humans. They’d dealt with his health issues, they’d bought vet-recommended training courses but he was still completely unreadable ...

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