Will I Have A Closer Bond With A BABY Bird?

Q: I read that you will have a closer bond with a bird if you get it as a baby. Will the bond be even closer if I hand feed it?

-Max W.,  Clarksville, TN

A: In the last 10-15 years, bird keepers have undergone a drastic and much needed transformation in the way they care for their birds. It is much more widely known that birds cannot survive on seed-only diets or ...Save

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Let Someone With Experience Hand Feed And Wean Your Baby Bird

Cockatiel photo by Anna Sloan

The amount of people who are taking on the responsibility of handfeeding and weaning their baby birds seems to have reached epic proportions this year. What’s going on? The information warning people against doing this is everywhere.

Recently, I got an email regarding someone who wanted to know how to wean her fully grown, feathered and fledged bird. <sigh> She has no idea how to do it – she has no idea that she should have started the process some time back – but here she is ...

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