When The Power Goes Out…And You Have A Parrot!

There are a lot of reasons we might lose power; it isn’t just a seasonal event. Of course, we brace for it when there is a severe storm on the way but there are crashes due to excessive usage, equipment failures or damage caused by accidents. Every now and then squirrels or a flock of feral quaker parrots get the blame, probably unjustly.

I know many of you know I live in Florida, so ...

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Heat Stress In Birds

Albatross in flight

Albatross in flight. The blue sky of summer, nice for a while but continuing extreme heat takes its toll.


The summer we’ve just had in Australia has been a bad one. We’ve had extremes all over the country. One half is under water, the other half is melting and that’s NOW. It’s not even summer anymore, it’s supposed to be autumn here. Yet I’m slowly cooking here in a record-breaking heatwave that exceeds what we’ve seen since records began at ...


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Parrot Emergency Critical Care

Blue throated macaw

I went to a bird club meeting today where the speaker, a long time vet technician, spoke about emergency critical care.  I wanted to hone my skills. She offered ideas in splinting and portable heat sources that I was not aware of. This topic differs from basic first aid care in that these are instances where it is not a question of if you need to bring your bird to the vet, but how soon can you get there.

Prevention is, of course, the best practice ...

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