Lying To Protect Your Birds

Fid, my Blue and Gold Macaw

There have been a few stories circulating on social media lately about pet birds being stolen. They’re heartbreaking stories and I would hate to think what I’d do if anyone tried to steal one of my flock.


There are things that you can do to protect yourself and your birds and Jamie has done an excellent post on that which I have linked here. That said though, there is only so far that ...


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3 Ways to Lose Your Parrot’s Trust

 I’ve said it before and will probably say it again; parrots don’t give unconditional love.  A dog will rest his head on your lap and say, “It’s okay that you forgot to feed me before you left this morning. My tummy is full now. You’re the greatest." A parrot will turn his back to you and give you the cold shoulder for a week for the same infraction. Trust is a hard-won commodity. It sure is in this house. It only takes one incident to break apart all that you’ve established. 

While there are several way to lose your parrot’s trust, here are three sure-fire bets:

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