How To Give Medication To A Parrot

Sun conure

At some point in your parrot’s long life it is likely you will find the need to medicate against illness or administer a supplement of some sort. Before that happens, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure of giving medications to your parrot and understand what the lines and numbers on the syringe mean so you don’t run the risk of over OR under medicating your bird.

I feel that the appropriate syringe size for a parrot is 1cc. You can use a larger one if you like, but my ...


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Medicating Your Bird

Military Macaw

There might come a time when, because of illness or injury, you will need to medicate your parrot.  It’s a good idea to start preparing for that possibility now, before the need for your bird’s cooperation arises.

Several years ago, after I had first gotten Linus, he managed to escape his cage while I was at work.  I came home to a complete mess.  A quick glance showed that all the other bird’s cages were still closed, so I spent the next several minutes assessing the damage and trying to ...

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