Medicating Your Bird: Everything You Need To Know

Compared to our other pets, birds live a very long time. At some point you will need to administer a medication to your parrot and it is something that you will want to be prepared for when that time comes.

I won’t lie – the first time is not easy. Your bird is sick and grumpy and not feeling at all like being cooperative. You are nervous and without confidence in what you are trying to do. ...


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Gaining The Trust Of A Bird That Permanently Needs Medication


Charlie the galah. His previous owner took him to the vet to get his darkened nostrils checked out but no cause was found. We now know that Charlie’s liver was causing vomiting that was mild enough not to be noticed. A discharge from his nostrils were a part of that.


I’ve found myself in the worst place to be when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with a bird. My Galah, Charlie, came to me from a decent home but had a rescue ...

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