Managing A Multiple Bird Household


Galahs/Rosebreasted Cockatoos Merlin and Nemo, frantically eating bits of food on the birdroom floor while I try to sweep…


I caved to MBS (multiple bird syndrome) a long time ago. When bird people find out how many parrots I have, they promptly ask how I find the time to manage so many? I have 9 permanent flock members here and 1 long term rehabilitation case. That makes 10 tame companion parrots vying for my attention daily and they’re not the only animals here.

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One Bird Too Many

Referred to as MBS, Multiple Bird Syndrome is suffered by most bird people, particularly those in their first years of bird ownership. It’s symptoms include warm, fuzzy feelings when viewing other people’s birds – especially those species which we do not keep in our own flock.

MBS is a powerful affliction as symptoms can manifest even without the other birds being physically present –  cute photographs alone can cause flare ups. The main symptom is an uncontrollable urge to add just one more bird to the flock ...

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