Preparing Your Parrot for A Necropsy

Camelot macaws

This is a horrible topic and I hate to even put these thoughts and images into your head, but it is important and I ask that you bear with me and read this short post.

When a bird dies unexpectedly, if the unthinkable happens and you should find your bird dead or if there was an illness that claimed you bird’s life that had yet to be diagnosed, it is wise to have a necropsy done.

A necropsy is the term used for autopsy when performed on an animal. The procedure ...


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What You Can Learn About Your Own Birds From Deceased Birds

Adult Spotted Dove.


There’s a common misconception that working in wildlife rescue means working with lots of amazingly cute and cuddly animals. Unfortunately, the real situation is quite different. A LOT of wild rescue work results in the animal being euthanised because they’re usually extremely ill before they come to someone’s notice for rescue.

Not many photos of dead animals make it to the media and no decent rescuer is going to be stressing out a seriously ill ...


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Why You Should Have a Necropsy Done When Your Parrot Dies

Rose Breasted Cockatoos

To me, the loss of a pet is like the loss of a family member.  It takes a long time to fill the void they leave behind.  I lost my aged cat just shortly before I moved here to Orlando.  He was a snuggly little thing and my constant companion.  My ex-husband used to tell me that I preferred cuddling with my cat at night to him.  He was correct.  My cat never hogged the covers or elbowed me in the face by accident in the middle of ...

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