Flight Training CLIPPED Birds: IT CAN BE DONE!

The fact that the last two of my Freestyle Flyer students trained birds that were clipped at the fledging age to be their outdoor flyers (and fantastic ones at that! Check out Tango and Sunshine, two blue and gold macaws that were both clipped during the fledging age who still learned to fly!) inspired me to express this message even further: CL...
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Freeflight Training Location Levels 1-5

In 2008 when we flew our first parrot outside, Dave created flight level terminology as a way that free flyers around the world could communicate clearly about their birds' skills and successfully get together with other flyers to fly together. If you knew what another flyer's skill levels were, you could find one with a match and fly together, ...
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Can Older or Plucked Parrots Learn to Fly?

I saw a comment the other day that really struck me. Someone said that because they didn't teach their bird to fly as a baby, that it would simply never be able to learn. I don't want anyone believing that about their birds that didn't learn to fly at the fledging age. Yes, a bird learning to fly as a baby is ideal, it's how nature intended, HO...
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BTT: Outdoor Freeflight Training Parrots

We get so many questions regarding outdoor freeflight parrot training, we decided to finally answer all these questions in one video – while flying our camelot macaws Comet and Tusa in Bermuda!

Why do we even risk taking our birds outside just to watch them fly?

Why don’t we offer a DVD series teaching people how to do this with their birds?

How do we train the birds to do it?

What about predators?

Have we ever lost a bird?

And much more… plus, you get to have Comet and Tusa entertain you throughout this video with their antics.

For more freeflight ...

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Raising a Wild Baby Raven Right


Wild Galah, springtime, Melbourne, Australia.


Spring has sprung here in the Southern Hemisphere. In most bird homes, this means an influx of hormones and seasonal behaviours  but surprisingly that’s not a problem I seem to be having this season with my own pet flock. Instead, spring seems to be making itself felt in the wildlife rescue part of my life. Gale force winds and bird’s nests don’t tend to get along! We’ve had our share of them with the change in season.


Last year, ...

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The Unnatural Life Is Natural For A Captive Parrot


Taking your parrot for a walk is great for him and you.


Let me put it right out there: Owning parrots isn’t natural. What else are we supposed to do with parrots who could never survive in the wild, other than place them in loving homes that strive to meet their unique needs? That’s the best place for these amazing animals.

We owners put a lot of time into caring for our babies, and sometimes this involves making choices that would be unnatural for a ...

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