Bird Species

There are over 350 different parrot species. The conures alone, with close to 40 different species, account for more than 10% of the total. We find that many of the differences are not noteworthy enough to warrant the confusion of a separate page for each species. Additionally, too much pointed information often winds up causing misconcept...
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Should Parrots Be Classroom Pets?



I feel that even small parrots – such as budgies and parrotlets – should be left out of the classroom.

Best and Worst Pets for Kids in the Classroom

Reminiscing on the classroom pets of my past, I’ve come to realise that perhaps some were not suited to the hectic learning environments of a school. As an adult, I’m able to think about what creatures I can to expose kids to without stressing out the animal. One of my biggest goals in opening a parrot sanctuary ...

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Glossary of Bird Names


A Congo African Grey – CAG.


While abbreviating names can be much faster to write or type, sometimes it can get confusing even for people who are used to doing it! That’s why I’ve compiled a glossary of the most common abbreviations of bird names.

Cockatoos are the easiest, although they sound more confusing at first. Quite simply, the ‘too’ of cockatoo is abbreviated into numerical form, 2. Then the first letter refers to the actual species or sub-species. Note that cockatoos are also often ...

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Rasta The Alexandrine Parakeet

In the above video I announce the super exciting news that I’ve decided to take on Rasta the Alexandrine Parakeet from one of our clients featured in one of our episodes on One Day Miracles. A new DVD series we’ve produced where we go into people’s homes to show them how to fix their birds behavioral problems in one day. We had great success with Rasta, however, when we left, they took some steps backwards and I offered to take Rasta to get him back to the point where they can work with him from ...


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Visually Sexing African Grey Parrots: Can it be Done?


Female eclectus (and male illusionist)

Visually sexing a parrot is never 100% reliable, with the exception of the dimorphic eclectus, whose genders are entirely different colors and were thought to be two different species in the wild for the many years before they became a popular companion parrot.

While DNA or surgical sexing are the only guaranteed ways of determining your bird’s sex with certainty, well, that and finding an egg in the pellet bowl, there are a few parrots that allow us to make an educated ...

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If Your Parrot Had to Get a Job, What Would he do?

Umbrella Cockatoo, Goffin Cockatoo

We wear many hats as bird owners: we’re cooks, toy makers, housekeepers and behavioral analysts.  I once read: “Yur day job iz how ya ern muney, yur reel job iz to spend it on yur handsum burd”  by author Mango McCaw. If your parrot had to go out and find work (oh, the indignity!), what would he do?
I think this is what best suits my birds:

Goffin Cockatoo

Theo, goffins cockatoo, 24
I used to think of Theo ...

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