How to NOT Be TERRIFIED Of Parrot Bites

Umbrella cockatoo bite

“My amazon parrot sent me to the emergency room for stitches last night. He has never bit me like this before and even though I know it happened because of hormones I’m afraid of him now.”

-Gina B., Dayton, OH

This is an important topic – especially for a time of year where people are frequently bitten. A bird’s behavior in the spring (and to a lesser degree in the fall) can seem erratic and unpredictable. ...


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Using Touch Training to Solve a Problem With My Eclectus Parrot

Male eclectus parrot.


My male Eclectus Pepi, has been a flying nightmare lately. He has gone from being sweet, affectionate and talkative to being moody, unpredictable and often downright nasty. It happened overnight and hasn’t been accompanied by any of the usual signs of sickness.


Of all of my birds, it’s Pepi who seems to have the nastiest bite. He has this knack for getting a tiny bit of skin pinched in his beak. When something ...


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Different Kinds of Bird Bites

Blue and Gold Macaw

Parrots are easily able to manipulate their owners with the use of their beak.  This is done in a number of ways, most of which are referred to as a “bite”, but technically are not.  It’s important to consider the type of bite you have have received, so that you know what your next move will be.  Sometimes they are caused by the owners misactions, sometimes they are just a form of communication.  In any case, it is not acceptable, and your bird needs to be taught ...

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3 Examples of the Unexpected Parrot Bite and What You Can do to Avoid it

Blue and Gold Macaws

We have all fallen victim to the unforeseen parrot bite at one time or another.  Usually, our feelings are hurt worse than our flesh.  The only thing you can think to say at the time is: “What the…?!”  Here are some common scenarios that are typical of the “unexpected” or “unprovoked” bite:

1) You’re enjoying some quiet out of cage time with the eclectus and a good book.  You are stretched out on the couch and your sweet little bird is preening at your shoulder.  Out of ...

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