Cold Weather Skin And Feather Care | Using Aloe on Parrots

The winter months are some of the driest months of the year. Not only are the natural humidity levels typically down during these months, but heating systems further deplete the air of moisture. The result can be dry, itchy skin for everyone – humans and parrots alike. Typically, when our skin gets dry, we grab some hand or body lotion. But whe...
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It’s The Little Things That Matter Most to Parrots

Blue and gold macaw

As parrot owners, we spend a great deal of effort fretting over important details: Did our bird eat enough good foods this week? Is there enough to do in the cage? We spend a lot of time contemplating cage placement and safety issues. We budget our time to allow for cleaning.

It is all important. These are common standards in any home that is occupied by a bird. However, in my experience, and this is particularly true of cockatoos, it is the seemingly minor details in their keep ...

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A Special Thank You To The GREAT Bird Stores


Lebanon Pet and Aquarium Center

Over the years, I have made some very strong comments about pet stores with regards to the treatment of the birds in their care. This is because I have personally witnessed some horrific conditions and I have had the unpleasant task of guiding others through their bad experiences, sometimes involving illness or death, with some particularly bad pet stores. I admit that I am opinionated on this subject.

There are establishments out there whose owners will knowingly, without conscience, send a diseased bird out the door to ..

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Help Save Angus

Most nights, after I have put the birds to bed, I will turn out all of the lights and go upstairs to the office to work on the computer. Sometimes, though, I will sit on the top stair in the dark and listen to my birds contentedly grinding their beaks as they fall asleep. I think about how lucky I am to have them and how much richer my life is with them in it. I also think about how lucky they are to have found their way ...

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