Is Your Local Parrot Rescue Really A “Rescue”?

blue throated and camelot macaws

I write this post reluctantly. I want to be careful not to cast doubt and suspicion onto the many great, reputable parrot organizations out there. I don’t want to scare you away from donating money or otherwise contributing to your local rescue, but I DO want you to take a look at it before you do so, and especially if you are thinking about relinquishing your bird.

In a previous post, I listed these criteria for a good rescue:

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How Many Parrots is TOO Many?


Multiple Bird Syndrome (MBS).  If this were an actual term, wikipedia would define it as:  A deep psychological yearning to get just one more, and just one more  after that.  This condition is generally brought on by overexposure to cute pictures and stories about your friends multiple birds.  The only known cure is the threat of divorce by your spouse or intervention by the Dept of Health.

MBS is a term used by many on the bird talk boards.  I suffer terribly from it.  Whenever anyone posts a picture of their ...

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