Different Kinds of Bird Bites

Blue and Gold Macaw

Parrots are easily able to manipulate their owners with the use of their beak.  This is done in a number of ways, most of which are referred to as a “bite”, but technically are not.  It’s important to consider the type of bite you have have received, so that you know what your next move will be.  Sometimes they are caused by the owners misactions, sometimes they are just a form of communication.  In any case, it is not acceptable, and your bird needs to be taught ...

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Setting Clear Expectations For Your Parrot

Establishing boundaries for your young parrot, one that has yet to reach sexual maturity, is an important first step in laying the groundwork for a happy and healthy co-existence between parrots and people. By setting and adhering to rules consistently, you are ensuring that your older parrot (who otherwise might have become more assertive of his wants) will cooperate with your requests in pleasant and acceptable ways.

Rescues are packed to the brim with unwanted parrots. Many of them have been determined to be a “problem” later in life when owners...

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