Do We (Unintentionally) Limit Our Birds’ Happiness?

Umbrella cockatoo (and me)

Let’s face it. Being the self-appointed guardian of a non-human loved one is a big responsibility which requires us to keep continuously educated with current information so that we can properly provide for their every need and keep them healthy and safe. That is, after all, the job we signed on for.

It is daunting when you think about. The internet is filled with warnings and scary possibilities. There seems to be no ...


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Stopping To Smell The…Roses

With the holidays behind us, I can finally find the time to breathe. The chaos of the Christmas season is always very stressful for me and sometimes I can be a little less than festive this time of year.

Jamie and I have been working closely lately on a project...

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Why Doing Things The Easy Way Is Sometimes Harder – And More Dangerous!

I feel it is important to admit to and talk about my mistakes. It is a learning experience for you readers, and a humbling reminder for me. Yes, even we who spend our days trying to coach you on the whys and whats of bird ownership blow it from time to time. In a classic idiot manoeuver, I indirectly caused an injury to one of the Womach budgies.

The smallest birds live in the house upstairs in what I call the spare birdroom. My cockatiels and quaker are still a bit ...

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