How to Prepare Yourself for Rescue Work

Birds' Arrival 244

Senegal Parrot waving “hello.”


If you dream of opening your own parrot rescue or sanctuary (and let’s be honest, it crosses the minds of a lot of us once we’ve seen how birds suffer in the wrong environments!), the most important step of all is to get yourself ready. Many owners find that they are not suited mentally, physically, or emotionally.

What is the difference, first of all, between a parrot rescue and a parrot sanctuary? A rescue typically rehabilitates an ...

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10 Ways My Parrots Have Changed Me

Green Pacific Parrotlet

In the many years that I have had parrots, there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Things and people come and go, but the biggest changes have been within me.  My parrots have brought qualities up to the surface that I didn’t even know existed.   For little things, they sure can leave a huge crater of an impact.

1.  Eating better.

My parrots eat well, or I should say I feed them well.  They don’t always eat what I give them.

Years ago, when I first started going ...

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