Teach Your Parrot to Talk More

This video is relative to parrots who already talk on their own, but whom you would like to encourage to talk more and grow their vocabulary as well as talk for your attention. If your bird doesn't talk already, you can grab a copy of our Flock Talk course. It's designed to teach your bird to talk or broaden your bird's vocabulary if he/she a...
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The Funny Things Our Parrots Say!

Umbrella cockatoos

My birds don’t talk a lot, with the exception of Libby, my quaker, who won’t shut up. The problem is, she only has one thing to say, and says it over and over until I finally have to leave the room having run out of ways to respond to “How ya doin’?”.  Still, every once in a while, one of them will come with a doozie.

I used to come home from work everyday to a familiar: “Hi. How doin’?” from Linus, my umbrella cockatoo. Now it has ...

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