Relax And Allow Yourself To Enjoy Your Parrot

Blue and gold macaws

Periodically, I write a post to remind everyone to try to keep stress from entering into their dealings with their birds. It is sometimes hard to avoid. Parrots are complicated creatures that we struggle to understand and uncertainty creates stress.

There are some topics that are very complicated which cannot be ignored. Nutrition is one of them because a bird’s health relies on a good diet. Safety issues are another for obvious reasons. But if you have questions there are places to go, such as here, where ...


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Is Your Parrot Suffering From YOUR Stress?

Birds are unusually perceptive. As prey animals, they have to be. They are constantly on the lookout for predators.

Birds remain safest in a flock setting because there are many eyes on the sky and ground in a vigilant watch. If a single bird becomes alarmed for any reason, ALL birds will take to the air in fear.  Interestingly, this frenzied behavior sometimes occurs without a single alarm call being issued. The tension is FELT as clearly as any alarm call can be heard and is enough to set things into motion.

If we put that same perceptive species of animal into ...


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