Bubba And The Sweet Pea Raises Funds For PBFD

Bubba and the Sweet Pea by Gladys Boutros

PBFD is a highly-contagious and usually fatal avian disease that causes beak and feather aberration. While it can affect all parrots species, the cockatoo seems to be targeted often, although this may not be an indicator of predisposition so much as location.

PBFD, as well as other devastating avian diseases, are very prolific in Australian wildlife. Since the pet industry in Australia is known to buy wild caught birds for resale, it brings wild bird diseases into the stores, which are then dispersed to ...


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The Importance Of Quarantine And Screening Tests For Birds


Musk Lorikeet


A family went to a pet store and bought a bird. A cute little parrot that instantaneously became part of their family. A few weeks later, it was at an avian vet, in intensive care. The family was heartbroken when it couldn’t be saved. Turns out the bird had been hiding an illness the whole time. The vet told them that if it had been caught earlier, the bird could have recovered. If only the pet store had bothered to screen ...


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Beak Grooming

Q: Is it true that I should have my bird’s beak trimmed?
 – Miles.B., Billings. MO

A:  A bird’s beak is made of keratin, the same fibrous protein that forms our nails and hair. And like our nails and hair, beaks are in a state of perpetual growth throughout life. One would think that this would necessitate a beak trim every now and again, but this is not usually the case. If your bird’s beak is normal in appearance, there is no need to have ...

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