A Healthy Parrot Environment Needs Clean Perches

As my cockatiels get older, they are spending more and more time on their flat perches. I still provide a variety of standard perches for them, but their tired, old feet always head back to the flat perches before too long.

Flat perches gain a lot of points for offering comfort to my cockatiels in their golden years, but lose points with their constant need for cleaning. The beauty of the design of a standard perch, taken from nature, is that droppings fall from ...


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Why Having Perches at Different Angles is a Good Idea For Pet Parrots

Wild Corellas settling for the evening

I just don’t do hills. I don’t like it when treadmills pretend you’re going up one, I don’t like them when I’m cycling, I avoid them when walking my dog and I’ve even been known to throw a tantrum when (thanks to a slight hill), my feet wound up about 3 cm higher than my head when sleeping in a tent. While 3 cm definitely lands me squarely in the category ...


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The Right Way To Accessorize A Parrot’s Cage


Q: Yesterday I was in a parrot shop and the owner suggested that there are actually preferable ways to layout a birds cage.  Is this true?
– Michelle Rae & Cheeky

A: There are definitely preferred ways to set up your bird’s cage and there are many considerations to take into account. The most important aspects of your bird’s inside-the-cage environment are safety, security, opportunities...

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Preparing The Parrots For The Drive

Umbrella Cockatoo

Of the five parrots I currently have, I have only experienced travel with two: the cockatiels.  Linus, my umbrella cockatoo,  has had some fairly extensive travel experience from when he lived with Dave and Jamie.  I have the expectation that Libby, my quaker, will do just fine.  She is one of those rare birds that just rolls through life, never letting too much get in the way of her fun.  The cockatiels, though confident enough to handle the changes, are old. Theo, my goffins cockatoo, is a concern.  She ...

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Your Parrot’s Feet

Sun Conure


Parrot toes

One of the things that distinguishes parrots from many other birds is their zygodactyl feet.  It sounds really prehistoric, but it simply means two toes forward and two toes back, specifically the second and third toe point forward, and the first and the fourth point back.  This configuration of toes allows for greater ability in grasping and manipulating objects like food and toys, climbing and perching.


Since they are on their feet 24/7,  many perches should be made available in your parrots cage.  They should vary in ...

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Choosing a Good Avian Veterinarian For Your Parrot


One of the biggest decisions you will face as a parrot owner is in selecting the right avian veterinarian. Here, in Austin TX, there are a large number of parrot owners, so we are graced with several avian vets allowing us the freedom to choose among them. Other states have relatively few, and I have a number of friends who drive hours to get to one.

Why an avian specialist? A birds physiology largely differs from that of our cats and dogs. Testing for and treating disease and injury in our companion parrots ...

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