2014 New Year’s Resolution For My Birds

The New Year is unbelievably upon us, and it is time to review 2014 and make revisions that will improve the coming year. For whatever reason our species finds it acceptable to schedule an appointment with our conscience once a year at which time we make a gentleman’s agreement to...

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How One Person Stopped Her African Grey Parrot’s Feather Plucking

Congo african grey

I had a long conversation about 6 months ago with a woman that I had known for years from bird forums I was active on. I always looked forward to her posts because her perspective on life was so unique. She has an african grey parrot that we’ll call “Margo” that provided her with endless stories to share.

“Helen”, a multiple bird owner with years of experience, always had the right answer to people’s questions. She would carefully craft her explanations in language that everyone ...

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Plucking: Sometimes it’s the Symptom, Not the Problem

Photo by Dave
Location: Waynesboro, VA
Beginning stages of plucking shown: Galah “Bondi”


As our tour comes to an end there have been some major changes for us and our birds. To name a few off the top of my head:


  • We sent the aviaries to powder coating and Chet’s house so he could have them for his birds while we traveled through Washington state. So no more aviaries for our birds for the last month of tour.
  • The arrival of Rocko our baby toco toucan.
  • Lots ...

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Anti-Plucking Products

Q: Do any of the anti-plucking products available actually work?
Gary M., New London, CT

A: There are two types of products on the market that address the issue of plucking: one approaches the problem medicinally, the other physically prevents access to the affected areas.

The following is my opinion. It is based on research of the ingredients in the herbal products and on the opinions of trusted sources who have used them and other products:

Ingestible remedies:

There are a few varieties of these products available, but there ...

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Do You Favor One Of Your Birds?

Rosebreasted cockatoos and congo african grey

If we’re going to be honest, I think most of us with multiple birds would have to admit to having a favorite. Of course, we love ALL of our birds, but there might be one that has a special hold on our heart.

With me, it’s Tinky. He was originally bought for my daughter as part of an agreement (bringing up her grades in exchange for the cockatiel she’d been asking for). Several months after he arrived, she went on a three day outing with her ...

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Tips For Birds With Feather Destructive Behaviors


Photo by Anna Sloan

In keeping in touch with the avian community, I find more and more people who are coping with the heartbreak of their parrot’s feather plucking, barbering or mutilation.  The biggest problem with feather destructive behaviors is that we don’t know why it happens.  There are NO experts in this area, because, frankly, no one understands why they do this. There are people with a great deal of experience with pluckers who can recommend changes to make that they have seen good results with.  But ...

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