Final Steps in Regaining Trust with Alexandrine Parakeet

Me and Rasta the alexandrine parakeet

As most of you have followed, I had been working on crate training Rasta so that when it came time to ship him home to his owners in Florida, I would be able to do so! Also, so that they can continue to use the crate as a means of transporting him from his indoor cage to his outdoor aviary.

Rasta wasn’t intended to head back to his owners until just before September arrived, but due to conflicting travel schedules I had to schedule him earlier than planned ...

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Training Alexandrine Parrot to Go Into a Travel Carrier Willingly

Alexandrine parakeet touch training around travel carrier

It’s my belief that if you have a pet bird, you should also have an outdoor aviary for it. There’s nothing better than being outdoors sometimes, especially for wildlife and creatures designed to be outdoors like parrots. However, a lot of people can barely handle their birds let alone get it to and from an outdoor aviary and such is the case with my clients Karen and Liam who own Rasta the alexandrine parakeet.

So, in order for them to use the ...

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3 Ways to Lose Your Bird’s Trust INSTANTLY

Alexandrine parrot Rasta waving while on my hand


I’ve been training alexandrine parrot Rasta for 2+ months now…


But recently I lost his trust and I need to share why so that you don’t make the same mistake with your bird, or maybe you already have and didn’t realize why your sweet bird turned on you.


Way #1 – You pushed the fear threshold too far. 


Alexandrine parakeet Rasta showing his threshold has been violated


We talk about the phases of fear and mistrust, ...

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Overcoming Hand Hatred with Alexandrine Parrot

Alexandrine parakeet Rasta stepping onto my hand for the first time ever after having him 2 months


It took 2 months but I finally earned Rasta the alexandrine parrot’s trust enough to get him to overcome his hand hatred and step up onto my hand for the first time.


This consisted of working with him at least once every day, sometimes twice and never ever forcing him to do anything at all. Not even to come in or out of his cage. His cage was left open all the time and in the beginning ...

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Alexandrine Parakeet Trick Training “The Wave”

Rasta the alexandrine parakeet waving on cue


Using capturing, I was able to teach this alexandrine parakeet trick training, tricks like the wave (shown above) on cue. I wave, he waves back.


I did this by waiting for a natural behavior to capture, and then shaping that captured behavior into exactly what I wanted with a clicker.


So, I would wait for the alexandrine parakeet to scratch his head, click and walk over and offer him a treat. If your bird is too mean to take a treat from your hand, use a dish to ...

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