Why Do Macaws Blush?

If you have macaws or have spent time around them, you have no doubt experienced the blush. Sometimes it presents itself as just a bit of pinkness around the nares and sometimes the entire face becomes almost alarmingly red. The blush is caused by the same thing that makes people blush. In response to certain stimuli (excitement or stress), t...
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How To Avoid Exceeding Your Bird’s Threshold Of Tolerance

One of the things that most fascinates me about parrots is the differences in their personalities. Even within the same species, each bird is unique with its own demeanor and preferences.
We should fully research the species we keep, looking into both their captive and wild settings, so we are aware of traits that are typical for that species. But in the end, each bird is its own man, so to speak, and those intricacies will stand out.

Hyacinth macaw

I have ...

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The Incredible Cockatoo

The cockatoo is one of the most challenging of the many parrot species. They are an enigma. They are a white, fluffy ball of contradiction. They are emotionally complex, highly intelligent and devilishly manipulative. They keep you guessing on a daily basis as they strive to out-maneuver you. The relationship between an owner and his cockatoo is like a crazy dance choreographed by Mother Nature. Oh, how I love these birds!


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