Why I Don’t Make a Good “Permanent” Home for Rescue Birds

One of my FAVORITE things is taking in other people’s birds and totally transforming them. Me doing this lead to our Total Transformation Course at BirdTricks.com where we realized we should be sharing these tools we use to change other people’s birds with those people so they can learn how to do it themselves. It was a great thing and even after the fact, I still enjoy doing it because every bird teaches ...


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HUGE Bird Rescue In Texas


Acting on a tip from a neighbor, the Houston SPCA recently seized 1,079 animals from a privately owned Texas property. About 900 of these animals were parrots.
The property owners were breeders, selling to pet stores and, based on shipping materials found on the site, are presumed to have been...
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How Many Parrots is TOO Many?


Multiple Bird Syndrome (MBS).  If this were an actual term, wikipedia would define it as:  A deep psychological yearning to get just one more, and just one more  after that.  This condition is generally brought on by overexposure to cute pictures and stories about your friends multiple birds.  The only known cure is the threat of divorce by your spouse or intervention by the Dept of Health.

MBS is a term used by many on the bird talk boards.  I suffer terribly from it.  Whenever anyone posts a picture of their ...

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