Why I Don’t Make a Good “Permanent” Home for Rescue Birds

One of my FAVORITE things is taking in other people’s birds and totally transforming them. Me doing this lead to our Total Transformation Course at BirdTricks.com where we realized we should be sharing these tools we use to change other people’s birds with those people so they can learn how to do it themselves. It was a great thing and even after the fact, I still enjoy doing it because every bird teaches ...


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A Different Kind of Parrot Rescue

When you hear about a parrot rescue, you immediately think the worst;  a group of parrots out there have been so abused, so neglected, that an organization has been called in to remove them from their home to safety. You expect to find parrots in poor health from untreated disease, rusted caged filled with mounds of poop in a filthy house. This is not always the case, and it wasn’t when I was asked to assist in the rescue of of 9 parrots in San Antonio.

We pulled up to a beautiful home, in a ...

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