So You Want To Start A Parrot Rescue?

“Honky”, a new arrival at the Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue Of New Mexico .

We are a bunch of big ol’ softies, aren’t we? Not everyone can be reduced to tears by a touching meme that describes a bird in bad circumstances. Not everyone cares as deeply as we do.

For the human that loves parrots, understands their health and diet needs and ...


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Being Non-Confrontational with New Birds


Umbrella Cockatoo’s first day out – see his posture, turning away from me? He is feeling uncomfortable.

One of the things we all love as owners is introducing a new bird to the flock. I love that feeling of knowing someone new is there, tucked safely away for now in a separate room. Quarantine serves an important role in health, but it has an added advantage of allowing your bird to hear the rest of the household without having the shock of having to ...

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Do Parrots Really Have a Preference For Men or Women?

Rose Breasted Cockatoos and African Grey

I have heard so many times that a certain parrot doesn’t like women, or that another prefers them. I have myself had a parrot that didn’t care for men – loved my daughter, liked me, hated my ex-husband.  Smart bird.

I was even told once that a female parrot is more likely to do well with a male human, and vise versa.  Where does this preference come from? Were they born with it? I don’t think so.

Often, a bird that has been placed in a rescue ...

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