Toweling Parrots

Photo by Anna Wallen Sloan

For many years, long time bird owners have stated that learning to properly towel a bird (a method used for restraint by wrapping it in a towel) is a skill you should learn as a bird owner. Many people argue that if your bird is properly trained and socialized, toweling becomes archaic and unnecessary.

Both sides of the debate have merit…I take a very strong stand – right in the middle.

While it is always preferable that your bird readily accepts handling by a vet, and willingly agrees ...


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5 Things Every Parrot Owner Should Know How To Do

The following are five things we all need to know how to do to give us the advantage in day to day life with our birds:


Target training might be one of the most important things you do with your parrot. This activity, which many parrots literally pick up in minutes, is the first step in training. The joy felt by both the owner and the bird during that first AHA! moment when it makes the association between the requested behavior...

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