Are Scentsy Products Safe To Use Around Birds?

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This question comes up often and creates enough confusion that it merits a blog post.

When I am asked questions about the safety of a product, I get online and I research. I consider the opinions of all sources, both pro and con, and take what information they offer and further dissect it.

Because most of the products in question are on the market for human use, there is precious little out there that is directly relative to birds. This means looking hard at not only the ingredients ...

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Aviary Placement

Hyacinth Macaw

Ok, you have finally picked out the perfect type of outdoor aviary for your parrot to spend his days basking in the sun and taking in all the outdoor sights and sounds….let me just say Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions you can make for your pet parrot!!!!

I’m sure you have some toys and some really exciting ideas for decorating your birds new “outdoor” world. You are now completely excited and just can’t wait for the day it arrives and you can put it together and get ...

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Making Your House Safe For Parrots

It has been said that parrots have the emotional stability of a 2 year-old and the intelligence and problem solving capacity of a 5 or 6 year-old. I am certain that if mine had fingers, they would be able to tie their own shoes. Like toddlers, parrots explore their environment with zeal and revel in new discoveries. Everything is a plaything and supervision when out of the cage is essential to their safety. You should begin making your house safe for your new parrot before you bring him home.

When bird-proofing your home, you ...

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