Update On Galah With Heart Failure

July 2012

July 2012. Cocky Boy huddled under a heat lamp.


I spent most of last year wondering when I’d be writing a post saying that the worst had happened and my elderly Galah Cocky Boy had died from his heart condition? Every day felt like a battle and there did come a point where I found myself realizing that difficult decisions were coming. He seemed happier with treatment but his weight kept dropping. His body condition deteriorated with his decreased weight ...


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How To Transport A Sick Or Injured Parrot To The Vet


How to safely transport your sick bird to the vet

Q: Since birds are so fragile, if my bird has an accident or gets sick, what is the best way to get her to the vet without making things worse? – Bethany F., Jacksonville, FL

A: This is a GREAT question!

Birds are fragile, but they are also remarkably resilient. They tend to heal quickly from injuries when they are promptly and properly treated. With illness it is a bit more complex because they have often been sick for a while without intervention.

It ...


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