Is the "BITE" Part of Bird Ownership?

Blue and Gold Macaws

Q:  I have a 2 year old blue and gold macaw that is very sweet and has never bitten me.  I heard recently that at some point my bird will bite me.  Is this true?

-Mary, Springfield, IL

A:  This is a great question and an important topic for new bird owners.  Unfortunately, the answer to your question is most likely ‘yes”.  Parrots may bite for a number of different reasons ranging from fright to fear to aggression, with a host of different possibilities in between.  What is more ...

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Over-Stimulated Parrots

 With springtime fast approaching we have to be on the lookout for “quirky” behaviors that are related to the onset of hormones. I have often compared hormonal parrots with teenagers. They both know what is right and wrong in terms of their behavior, but neither seem to be able to control themselves at times when hormones are involved. Your once placid parrot may overreact to things that he would normally overlook, and he might express himself with aggression.

Linus, my umbrella cockatoo, always seems to be walking a fine line when...

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