When A Bird’s Weight Goes Up


My galah Morgy enjoying a carrot. Does this bird look like she is dying to you?


We often talk about the importance of monitoring your bird’s weight and how you need to get it to a vet fast if you have a significant weight drop. We often don’t think of a weight increase as being equally as significant and alarming. We tend to think of a weight increase as being diet related, or basically an indication that the bird is too fat. There ...


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Learning To Recognise The Early Symptoms Of Illness In a Bird

Otto, my male Musk Lorikeet. Swinging, eating flowers, upside down in the wind.


Recognising the early symptoms of illness in a bird can be extraordinarily difficult. Often when we realise a bird is sick, the small window to do something about it has already passed. To those who have discovered a love of birds, it’s a frustrating and scary thought.


When I last took my elderly Galah/Rosebreasted Cockatoo Cocky Boy to the vet, an observing vet student sat in ...


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Trusting Your Instincts


Q:  My cockatiel seems “off” to me. His weight and his droppings are fine and he is eating normally, but something seems different about him and I am concerned. Should I see a vet?
-Karen K., San Antonio, TX

A: Illness in a bird can present itself in many different ways. Signs of illness include a fluffed up appearance, remaining at the cage bottom, and lack of vocalization to name just a few. There are times you can run through the check lists of obvious signs and your bird might ...

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Choosing a Good Avian Veterinarian For Your Parrot


One of the biggest decisions you will face as a parrot owner is in selecting the right avian veterinarian. Here, in Austin TX, there are a large number of parrot owners, so we are graced with several avian vets allowing us the freedom to choose among them. Other states have relatively few, and I have a number of friends who drive hours to get to one.

Why an avian specialist? A birds physiology largely differs from that of our cats and dogs. Testing for and treating disease and injury in our companion parrots ...

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