My Bird SCREAMS When Someone Comes To Visit!

Q: My bird is really well behaved most of the time but when someone comes over she screams and if I let her out she tries to bite them. How can I stop this?

-Bryce H., Birmingham, AL

A: Birds are naturally concerned with anything new that appears in their environment. It is a safety protocol for them to be very aware of and familiar with everything in their vicinity because things that are out of place might indicate danger. When something new appears, red ...


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BirdTricks Tuesdays: How to Properly Socialize Your Parrot to Other Parrots, Other Pets & People

STOP! In the name of love… just kidding. What a great screen capture for our video (laugh).

Here is our very FIRST BirdTricks Tuesday video for you! We are so excited. PLEASE, give us feedback on what you like, didn’t like, want more of, want less of and of course… keep sending in your questions to us via facebook and email (

Our goal with these Tuesday videos is not only to answer your questions but also to help you learn something, inspire you to try something new and positive with your parrot at home and ...

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Twelve Vital Skills To Teach Our Birds

Celestial Parrotlet

Celestial Parrotlet in his travelling carrier.


Baby birds are tabula rasa, blank slates, and therefore are such joys to train! But before I get into this, I feel that I have add a little side note: I personally believe that parrots aren’t meant to be pets, yet our captive birds need us. In light of this, I encourage rescue and re-homing where possible. Mine is sometimes a bit of a controversial opinion, but I do also whole-heartedly support people who buy baby birds. I ...

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The Importance of Having a Plan B With Parrots

Parrotlet in his emergency travel cage

Celestial Parrotlet in his emergency travel cage.


I’m one of those people who doesn’t take much time away from my flock unless I can help it. If they can go with me, they do. If not, I tend not to go at all. At one point in my life, I had even said that I would never travel, would never take a holiday – but when you have birds, ‘would never’ are dangerous words. Keeping ...

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Are You Really Ready To Get Another Parrot?


I love watching the exploration that goes on with new parrot owners. It’s such an exciting time. Everyday is an adventure as you learn one amazing parrot fact after another, and you can’t even imagine that there is any creature on this planet that is cooler than your bird.

You start making new friends (because your other ones think you’re crazy). Right about this time, you begin thinking about how great it would be to bring another parrot into your home.

The math seems simple enough: 1 bird = love, therefore 1 ...

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