Using Capturing To Teach Your Parrot to Talk on Cue

My male galah Bandit already says "baby boy" but he says it whenever he feels like it, not whenever I want him to. So I decided it was the next phrase of his I wanted to put on cue!  He currently says the following on cue already: Cue: Waving of my fingers // Word: Bandit Cue: Word "kiss" // Action: Leaning in, giving a kiss on the cheek with t...
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Does Your Bird Sound Just Like You?

Blue and Gold Macaws

I learned a long time ago never to look at Linus when I am on the phone.  Being a cockatoo, he believes the sun rises just for him.  He can’t understand why I would talk to an electronic gadget when I have perfectly good cockatoo standing by.  If I look at him, it’s an invitation to join in the conversation.
My daughter called the other day and was telling me about a jacket she had seen in a store window that cost $3500.  She was jokingly asking ...

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