Flock Talk: Stop Screaming, Start Talking

I loved this video our dear friend and customer, Chris Armstrong, posted of his blue and gold macaw enjoying our Flock Talk video! Flock Talk is meant to stop your bird from screaming and encourage your bird to learn to talk. Hence, your bird learns to talk for attention rather than scream. I hope you take the time to check it out, as it's avail...
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Neighbors Complain About Bird Noise? Some Tips!

Camelot Macaw, Blue Throated Macaw

About six years ago, I suffered the loss of my dear, wonderful cockatoo, Abu.  I was reeling for months following her unexpected death. I had considered getting another bird, but was still in that place where it hurt too much to think about it and it seemed somehow disrespectful to her memory to “replace” her so quickly.
During that period of time, my daughter and Jamie knew each other from online.  It turns out Jamie and Dave were looking for a good home for their umbrella ...

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Changing Your Bird’s Environment

The night Storm got to our Florida home, we moved him to his new cage… it was a BIG change from his usual home, especially for a bird with no real experience playing with toys.


The goal? To get Storm to start exercising more by climbing all around this new, larger environment and get active with new toys and things to do throughout the day.

We put him in a giant cage with plenty of new and fun food finding toys. ...


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