A big parrot in a little body Are you one of the many people who has dreamed of owning a parrot one day? Did you fall in love with the big, boisterous personality of a friend’s macaw or cockatoo? Do you look around your living room and say: “There’s no way I can make room for a cage bigger than my car”? If so, a conure might be the perfect bi...
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How to Survive with Parrots in an Apartment

Bobo the umbrella cockatoo.

Umbrella cockatoos may be quiet sometimes, but they have the capability to produce an ear-splitting scream like a dying, wounded animal.


We can’t expect our parrots to be quiet all the time. Many species are naturally noisy, such as sun conures, amazons or cockatoos. While we can train our birds that excessive screaming isn’t okay, I feel that it’s important to allow them to let off steam sometimes.

Enter the scream session…

Try making time for a sanctioned (and planned!) ...

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