Looking After Parrots During A Stressful Time


Musk Lorikeet: Otto is the first to bite if he senses something is wrong…


My house has been a wonderful place to live lately. No one living here has been inundated with work. No family member has had to go into hospital. I haven’t been upset because someone ran into my car in a parking lot and didn’t leave a note. I haven’t blown up any essential electrical appliances like a computer hard drive. My recently acquired expensive replacement high-pressure water cleaner that is ...


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The Trouble With Talking Parrots…


Rainbow Lorikeets


We’ve all got one of those people in our lives. Who hasn’t got a lovely person who has a knack for calling you at the worst possible moment? Like when you’re elbow deep is dirty dishwater, like when you’re watching a movie and it reaches the important bit, like when you’re trying to convince your parrot that it wants a syringe full of medication (without being bitten) or when you’ve just sat down to a meal you’ve spent hours preparing.


I’m related to ...


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Have You Got a Talking Bird Story?

Fid 1

"Fid", my Blue and Gold Macaw

Anyone who lives with an Eclectus can tell you how loud he or she can get when they want their voice to be heard. My male eclectus, Pepi can be heard about 2 streets away when he really gets going. Fid, my Blue and Gold Macaw is learning to talk; I’ve been discovering the joys of owning a bird that can be heard from the local shops. That’s definitely more than 2 streets away! ...

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Can Parrots Talk on Cue? A Great Example!

More than likely at this point, you are well aware that parrots can talk, but many people don’t realize how easy it is to get your parrot to talk on cue (even if they only know a few words like our Cockatoo does).

Now, you don’t have to train them to be in a show, but imagine the fun you can have showing him off to your friends and family if your parrot can talk like this!

This footage was taken from our parrot training show, ParrotFX.  Bandit currently says just a handful of words in the show, ...

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Talking Parrots Can’t Keep Your Secrets

Pepi, he's all innocence in the shower!


You can’t have secrets when you have parrots. Even when you think they can’t hear you or aren’t listening, you have to be careful about what you say. I’ve learned this the hard way more than once.
I was a bridesmaid at a wedding about a year ago. The bride and groom had been living together for a while, so it was one of those situations where they didn’t need household themed ...

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