One day Dave walked into a pet shop looking for doves when the shop owner offered him a toucan. He'd never imagined owning a toucan before, but could not resist and that's where the infatuation started. A complicated diet As stunning and exotic as these magnificent birds are, they are insanely difficult - near impossible - to keep in captivity...
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Introducing Bird Tricks Fan and Blogger Chrissann Nickel and Her 3 Toco Toucans!

Hi, my name is Chrissann Nickel, also known as “The Toucan Lady” from Adventures in Toucanland. I’ve been a big Bird Tricks fan for about a year now, shortly after I adopted my three adult Toco toucans – Paco, Paz, and Pepe (otherwise known as the “Three-Cans”) in June 2011.

I am really excited about this new blog series we are beginning, sharing the successes of others who have overcome behavioral problems using the Bird Tricks training program. I ...

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How to Construct Your Own Large Toucan Aviary

Toucan Aviary (divided into three sections) for 3 toco toucans


These aviaries were specifically designed for 3 adult toco toucans. Toucans and parrots vary from their extremely different variations of diet to what they can play with and/or destroy. What works for toucans may not be safe and may not work for parrots.


Chrissann from Adventures in Toucanland was kind enough to share how she and her boyfriend David created their aviaries for their three toco toucans on a little island in the Caribbean.


Side view ...

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One Year Later… Remembering Fiji


It’s hard to believe that it has been exactly one year since we lost Fiji (October 12, 2010) in a tragic accident that shattered the earth beneath my feet.  I’m sure that many of you can relate when I say – that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through.  With all tragedy comes some kind of peace and chance to learn.  This experience really altered my reality and gave me a new perspective as well as an increased gratitude to you, our friends and fans.

Over ...

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Raising Our Baby Toco Toucan Rocko: Making the Early Stages of Training Fun

Photo by Dave
Location: Nampa,ID
Playing and learning: Baby Toco Toucan “Rocko”


There are tons of reasons for playing with your bird with things such as towels, blankets and clothing. The biggest reason to do so is so that you can towel your bird to hold it still in the event of an emergency. The other reason is so that your bird is not fearful of being covered up by a blanket or towel whether it happens on accident or happens on another account.


While our birds were babies, ...

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Raising Rocko the Baby Toco Toucan: Why Parts of it Are so Easy


Photo by Nathan Slabaugh Photography
Location: Centralia, WA
Pictured: Toco Toucan “Rocko”


There are lots of things that make raising a bird super complicated and scary, just like raising a human child. You worry they won’t turn out right, or that you didn’t do a good enough job in a certain area over another.


As long as you know how to properly raise a bird (you can learn these steps from our Total Transformation Course which also covers flight training indoors and fixing behavioral problems with your current ...

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