How Well Do You Know Your Bird?

I wonder how many hours in my life I have dedicated to staring at my birds? To a non-parrot owner, that might seem like time wasted, but we all know better.

It blows my mind whenever I read something about “new discoveries” regarding parrot intelligence in some science journal.  A bird’s foraging skill is hardly a new development. It is how they have fed themselves for millions of years.

But to a non-bird owner, or a scientist who is just ...Save

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Thinking Like A Bird

Sun conure

I’m fairly certain that nature never meant for humans and birds to come together. I don’t think we could be less alike. There are the obvious physical differences which cause us to have to perform certain tasks in different ways, but there really big differences aren’t the physical ones.

We think nothing alike. Their concerns and goals are entirely different than ours. They communicate through body language, we use speech. With their body language they are precise and to the point. We ramble on endlessly, sometimes not stopping in time ...


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