How Well Do You Know Your Bird?

I wonder how many hours in my life I have dedicated to staring at my birds? To a non-parrot owner, that might seem like time wasted, but we all know better.

It blows my mind whenever I read something about “new discoveries” regarding parrot intelligence in some science journal.  A bird’s foraging skill is hardly a new development. It is how they have fed themselves for millions of years.

But to a non-bird owner, or a scientist who is just ...Save

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Body Language – Know Your Bird!

Hyacinth Macaw & Camelot macaw

The very best advice anyone is going to give you is to know your bird and understand its body language. Know what calms them, know what excites them, know what motivates them.  Know what tone of voice they respond best to, and know which actions (or inactions) indicate aggression.  Know their favorite foods.

Know when they’re tired or that they are over stimulated from too much play.  This knowledge is the very best tool in helping you to control their behaviors, assessing their health and preparing their ...

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